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Guitar Shop Songs

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When you go into a guitar shop and you get a shot of a guitar, amped up, what do you usually play?

I usually play:

Highway Star

Black Dog (solo)

Mr. Crowley solo (can't get it up to speed yet, but most of it sounds alright)

The guitar lick at the end of the solo in Child In Time

Ghostbusters Theme (always a crowd-pleaser)

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Depends on what im lookin for

A nice rocking guitar, i try out some page riffs, like rock n roll and communication breakdown, two completeley oposed tones, one fat and rough, the other one sratchy and thin. I usually go for those two to try out the tone range, then i go for intermediate, somtn like townsend, pinball wizard iworks really well to see if the guitar is working the right tones in the clean channel, oh and then i try out in the clean channel as thin and scratchy as i can get it to sound, ACDC's TNT...

If im out lookin for some bluesy tone guitar, well then i try out hendrix's little wing and sweet sixteen (bb king), then i turn on some OD and give a shot at Pride and Joy, we all know whose that from.

If im lookin for metal..well...ive never gone out searchin for some indescretley screamy guitar so i dont know

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The other day i was at a guitar shop and i was playing a Black Falcon through a Peavey Classic 50, damn i nearly creamed my pants the tone was AMAZING! just played some SRV (though it was nothing like his tone it still sounded cool) Clapton and just noodle around on the pentatonic blues scales, then i handed the guitar to the shop owner and he completely owned me :lol:

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Depends on why I'm there. If I'm looking to buy a guitar, I usually take a formal testing approach.

I was looking at purchasing a Gibson Les Paul Special a while ago. Much to my surprise it had some insane grunt to it. It was better than my Epi Standard anyway.

I just ran through some scales on it, then compared that to an Epi. I then (just for kicks) compared it to one of the most beautiful looking Fender Tele's I've ever seen. The Tele was a Highway version which I think means it's substandard. This one certainly didn't have the sound that Teles are famous for.

So usually if I'm testing, I'll just do scales then do some songs that have the sounds I'm looking for. I think I ran through Paranoid on both the Gibson and the Epi and the Gibson made that riff sound amazing.

If I'm there to fill in some time, I usually just try to play whatever they're playing on the radio. Last time I was there they had that Bernard Fanning song on (he's the lead singer from Powderfinger) so I jammed along to that with a 12 string.

SCOM doesn't get played there unless it's at low volume. Same goes for Stairway. I would kick my own ass if I played those songs

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My mate works in a guitar shop in the city center, he gets a quid every time someone plays sweet child o' mine.

or two pounds if -


Iron Man

any RATM

Immigrant Song

For Whom The Bel Tolls

i hang around sometimes to watch it go on because you can tell who's going to play what

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