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Tommy Interview from HTGTH


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Just listened to this from HTGTH, recent Tommy interview. Its about halfway through the actually program. The GNR part isnt too big, but he talk a little bit about Buckethead.

"The 2002 tour was a lot of fun..... apart from the Buckethead part anyway. But hes not around anymore so its all good!" HA!!!

Also, same old replies to CD status:

"It'll come out when it comes out. I recorded some small parts last week. Hopefully it'll be out early next year (Talkin about early 06 Im guessin!!)"

Couldnt find it posted, but if it has been, apologies.



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Tommy seems to be a nice guy and almost all the time avoid to talk bad things about other people (past GNR members, past bandmates, ...). It's seems that he really hate Bucket, maybe Bucket asked Axl to replace him, i think that at least a discussion between them (tommy and bucket) happened. I would like to hear Bucket view on Tommy bad comments about him, but i'm sure that Herbie won't talk. :monkey:

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at least buckethead never fed the fans a pack of lies like tommy


I don't get people's problem with Tommy. I mean, it doesn't take an Einstein to work out that he's only ever told us what he knows, why on god's good earth would he lie?! hell, he might even be told to say what he does. There must have been times when he's asked management or whoever "what do i say when they ask about gnr?!" when half the time, the guy is probably none the wiser than us. People also seem to forget that he has stayed with Axl for 8 years now, the most loyal of the new members.

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