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GNR Riddles


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Guys, this topic is all about discussing the riddles

that are invariably littered throughout the phenomena,

that is, Guns N' Roses.

I know how some of you will react to this,

but if you only look a little deeper,

you'll see the hidden messages... :drevil:

U'\/ F0|_||\|D 8! C|) \/\/1|| R3|_3/\53 0|\|

For time's sake,

I'll start off from the events

that occured this year.

Slash mentions in interview,

that CD could be released in March.

March is the 3rd month of the year.

The year is 2006.

But hang on for a second...

Let's move over to Axl's appearance

at the KORN party for the moment.

Axl makes an appearance at the party on Friday the 13th.

What's the significance?

Axl in the Rolling Stone interview says,

13 songs are slated for the final album.

And there's more...

It's been 13 years since TSI,

Guns N' Roses last album was released.

Now here's a photo of Axl at the party:


In the photo,

Axl is wearing a Maple Leafs Jersey with the number 26.

Axl says in the same RS interview,

26 songs are nearly done.

Another photo from the party:


Axl Rose can be seen wearing a cross.

A Guns N' Roses song is to appear on the soundtrack of The Da Vinci Code movie.

We know what the movie based on the book is about.

And what about the earlier Slash mention?

Slash mentioned CD coming out on March, 2006.

March, 2006 = 3/2006

3/2006 joined is 32006

Axl in the RS interview said...they are working on 32 songs.

32-006=26. We know what 26 means...

Of course these are but a few.

Keep looking... :monkey:

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Bad obsession! ;)

If you look deep enough youll find coincidences in most things in life, your totally looking in the wrong place on this one mate. Basiclly, I think Axl and co have better things to do than play games such as this. On the other hand we are so desperaste to hear the new album and understand the man that we sometimes look too hard at things. Theres nothing going on here.. theres no riddle & theres no hidden truth.

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U'\/ F0|_||\|D 8! C|) \/\/1|| R3|_3/\53 0|\|


you have a lot of spare time...

but thats a cool find...


in the big picture of things...

what does it all mean? :blink:

That was the whole point of the thread :rolleyes:

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Please for the love of god, leave the house and get some air.There is no riddle, we aint got CD because its not finished.Axl was nice about Slash and visa versa because they happened to be in good moods when the were interviewed.Axl is wearing that specific top because he liked it or it was the next thing on the rail in his wardrobe.There are no riddles just obsessed fans looking for them.

Its not you're fault but sometimes GnR fans can imagine anything just because theres not a lot happening.

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