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Iron Maiden


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Hello, I have just recently discovered how great this band is. I knew they were good but wow. I knew the forum has a few big fans. Which brings me to my question.

I want to buy a Cd and i dont know where to start or any songs i should download or whatever. So any advice would be very helpful.


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First of all, don't buy into the Maiden is boring rubbish. It's kinda like AC/DC, there ain't all that much range in their music but they're phenomenal at what they do.

Download the songs:

The Phantom of the Opera

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Sign Of The Cross

Those are the 3 more epic songs from each of their 3 vocalists. See which one of these you prefer then go from there. If you like the Phantom most then buy 'Iron Maiden'. If you like Hallowed Be Thy Name buy 'The Number of the Beast', 'Piece of Mind' or 'Powerslave'. Or if you like Sign of the Cross then buy either 'X-Factor' or 'Virtual XI'.

I guess that could be as good a start as any.

I reccomend Powerslave personally. It's got 'Aces High', '2 Minutes To Midnight', 'Powerslave' and 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' on it, which are all considered Maiden classics.

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I say dive right into the deep end and buy the Iron Maiden Rock in Rio III DVD when they headlined it.

Phernominal performance, Maiden stole the festival, defantly one of the best live bands rock3

True, Maiden were gods at that festival. Nobody even noticed GNR was there...

Seriously though Maximo. If you wanna hold off for like 2 weeks, their new live DVD is coming out from the Dance Of Death tour and that should be insane too, it's got a documentary on the making of the album and some behind the scenes tour stuff... Should be amazing. Get that one!

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IRON MAIDEN ROCKS!!! I own 3 cd's with them; Greatest Hits Edwart The Great (or what the name was..), Dance of the death and Seventh son of a seventh son.


Just buy some cd, they are ALL great!

I pretty much agree with this guy, but if there's any CD's to avoid for your first album, it'd be Fear of the Dark and No Prayer for the Dying. Both have a few great songs, like Fear of the Dark and Tailgunner, but they sure as hell don't stand up to the other Maiden albums

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