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I always thought AC/DC had a few underrated songs that got lost behind some of the overrated ones.

I'm thinking songs like Carry Me Home (easily one of Bon Scott's best songs, just behind Jailbreak), Shake Your Foundations, Rising Power, Down Payment Blues, Playing With Girls... hell, even Flick Of The Switch.

Yeah, I realise a lot of the music is same-ish. The point's been made. I don't give a shit. :)

Name your underrated AC/DC classics.

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Money Talks

Underrated and one of the best Ac/Dc songs in my opinion.

....It was their only #1 song. :unsure:

But I know what you mean - A lot of people seem to overlook it now...

Didn`t know that...

Pretty much everybody i know overlooks that song.

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Night Prowler, Gimme a bullet, Kicked in the Teeth, Rock n' Roll Singer, Problem Child, Squeeler, R.I.P.

Noone appreciates AC/DC songs much apart from the well known ones, too much attention on back in black and brian era...brian sucks compared to bon, i know its very narrow but thats just me...

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