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RUMOR: Apparently, Axl is dating


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Sorry ladies, but it appears Guns N'Roses vocalist, Mr W Axl Rose, is a taken man.

Kristine Ashton, Korn's publicity manager, has told elsewhere that Axl Rose turned up to Korn's tour launch party

with two lovely ladies in tow. One was his girlfriend and the other was his assistant, but not Beta! It was

actually Vanessa Lebeis that was 'assisting' Axl Rose that night.

Rolling Stone revealed a couple of days ago that Axl Rose had been out to dinner before turning up at the

Korn party at about 1am in the morning.

posted by bigboss at sp/at.com

Source: http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/board/i...p?topic=24971.0

congrats Axl...if it's true rock2

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That's pretty cool B)

Axl my man! Out on the pull! :D

Btw JALP you better take the elsewhere.com out of this or it will be moved to Ain't it Fun.

done :)

that is why i posted if from htgth because i know this board's take on s/p/1/a/t

well IF this is true, good for Axl.

I just know s/p/1/a/t can rewrite stuff to make it look like news.

but that's not important.

i am really happy to hear that Axl found someone.

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Good to see Pig Vomit has signed up with HTGTH.

Yeah I saw that...our old friend Jim Bob is holed up there too.... :lol:

ARGHH! How could I have missed that? At least he hasn't changed names AGAIN and is still carrying on the PV legacy. A true (dis)credit to any board he graces...

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FK'n cheatin' SOn of a BItch!!! :anger:

:o he left you ?????

Awwww , man are all the same <_< not even Axl escapes from those hormons :lol:

Anyway this is still just a rumour right?

well when i see some pic i will believe it .

Well i hope is true though because "everybody needs someone , your not the only one" ;)

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