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W. Axl Rose Lawsuit


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DATE: January 23rd 2006

TITLE: W. Axl Rose Lawsuit

TEXT: LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 23, 2006--Following the filing last week of a lawsuit brought by W. Axl Rose against Andy Cohen and Beverly Hills Classic Cars there have been a number of questions from the media. In response to those questions Mr Rose's attorney Howard Weitzman commented, "Andy Cohen, owner of Beverly Hills Classic Cars defrauded Axl out of more than $150,000. Mr. Cohen sold one of Axl's cars and pocketed the money as well as keeping a $20,000 deposit on two cars he committed to order on Axl's behalf but failed to do so. We are suing to recover the money that Mr. Cohen converted for his own personal use and are asking for punitive damages to be awarded because of the intentional breach of contract and theft committed by the defendants. Over a period of 4 years Axl bought a number of cars from Mr. Cohen and had built what he thought was a trusting relationship with him. It is unfortunate that Mr. Cohen abused that trust and not only failed to deliver on his promises but also took over $150,000 of Axl's money. Axl has reluctantly sued because Mr. Cohen continually represented to Axl over the better part of a year that he would repay the money and broke each promise for repayment leaving Axl no choice but to file this complaint to get his money returned."

Written by: Howard Weitzman, Esq.









Axl Rose

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