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Best band names

The Volitan

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So what do you think are the coolest or most creative sounding band or album names?

I think Metallica is a great name because they made up a word that sounded cool and worked. Also, VH's "5150" is a great titles for an album because of the whole stroy behind it, that "5150" is police code for an escaped mentally challenged person

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The smiths. The most common surname in britain yet its just so simple that it works so well for a band

Yeah, that surely is a great one. The simple irony in the name is so fitting in terms of the music and subject matter of the lyrics.

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there was one around here that was called 'racecar is racecar backwards' which i'd never even noticed before. my mates last bad was called 'free beer' so that loads of people would turn up for gigs.

i think guns n roses is a great band name as i think motley crue is too. jack off jill hits the spot, jesus jones, b52's (shame the band wasnt better), rolling stones, as someone said flogging molly, portishead (you should go there, wouldnt work for nearly anyother place name - imagine a band called norwich) and yes leigh it was them you heard the other day from the pub - i eventually got rat arsed and asked the land lady, the cuban heels, x is loaded, dillinger escape plan are all good names, especially the latter

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