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Ever Cried

Mama Kin

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I have once and it was to Estranged. I was in a really bad place a couple of years ago and was just lying there listening to Use Your Illusion II when Estranged come on and it made me cry :cry: I'm man enough to admit it :D


OMG IVE CRIED TO THAT TOO! I still find it kind of hard to listen to

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:huh: dude........no.....

Oh come on CM you must of shed a little tear to one GN'R song :drevil:

well, I was bored to tears when i first heard Matts drum solo on the Tokyo DVD if that counts...

:lol: LMAO Yeah i like Matt but not the drum solo's

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i cried a lot with gnr songs...


Dont cry


The blues





So fine

Wild horses

and cant remember more...

those songs help me a lot of times... when my mother died, when my girlfriend and her family died in a car accident 1 year ago, then, i turn in depression... but, those songs, help me when i nedeed to cry and let all i had inside...

and then, after crying... i used to feel better :)

now i listened to them and i smile... because life is beautifull and them remind me all hard things i left behind...

thats is at least the most important reason because i cried with gnr songs...

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