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Question about Ipod and Kazaa


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Yes, but I recommend that you don't use Kazaa - it's a program filled with spyware (not good) and many of the files on it have viruses.

I recommend you use Limewire if you're going to use this sort of software. It's similar to Kazaa, but doesn't contain spyware.

Remember though - downloading music like this is illegal - many people do it, but it's still breaking the law.

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Kazaa is illegal even if I pay the 22 dollars for an account?

Now - i'm not sure about this - Kazaa is illegal to download in Australia and we can't even access the kazaa page.

I think you might be paying for a spyware-free version of the software, not neccessarily for a legal mp3 downloading program.

What country are you in? If you're using an ipod and you want legal music downloads, your best bet is the itunes store. It's not available in all countries though...

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Guest JohnUlmer

If you pay for a Kazaa program, you're only paying for a spyware-free version. It is still illegal to download music. You can still get caught.

See, they try to hide this when you sign up (because they know a lot of people aren't the most alert when it comes to these things), but either way you're downloading illegal songs. Kazaa's way out of lawsuits from record labels is that they allow people to share LEGAL files - home-made music, home-made documents, "shareware" programs, videos, etc. However, most of the stuff people download is illegal, including music. If you download studio-released material on Kazaa, it is illegal - unless it's by some indie band that has specifically given permission to release their songs on Kazaa, in which case I believe the files are usually tagged "Gold."

The "free" version of Kazaa is loaded with aggravating spyware, as highvoltageacdc said. I would totally ignore Kazaa and go with Limewire, if you just want to download single tracks. Limewire has a free version as well, that also includes ads and restricts search results, but the ads are part of the software and no malicious spyware will be installed on your PC.

If you download the free version of Limewire, you can easily do a search for a hacked version of Limewire Pro, download it, and then just upgrade without paying! (But this is illegal, too, obviously. ;) )

I don't recommend illegal downloading. I do it. Everyone does it. But I can't recommend it.

However, if you're going to do it, make sure you don't share files. They don't go after people who download - they go after file sharers. It's like people who buy pirated DVDs and people who sell them - they go after the distributors.

Don't share anything you download.

Also, a nice alternative to Limewire is a program called DC++, which is harder to learn to use and not P2P, but you can join channels and it seems a lot easier to download full albums on here - without the fear of downloading fake files because the people in the hubs generally aren't there to share fakes.

If I converted my .WMA files to .MP3 files on my computer, I would be able to put them on my Ipod right?

Yes. But if you do this, it'll clog up the hard drive. I learned this the hard way on my old PC.

I had all my WMA files I had ripped to the hard drive. I loaded them into iTunes. But when iTunes converts the WMA files, they send the NEW, converted tracks, into folders located under "My Music > iTunes." So basically you have TWO versions of the songs on your PC - the WMA file, and the converted .MP4 file (iTunes format).

If I were you, I'd convert the WMA files into iTunes, then delete the original WMAs from the hard drive to clear up room.

Or, if you have the original CDs you used the rip the WMAs, delete all the WMAs from your hard drive. Go into iTunes, load your CDs, and rip tracks directly into iTunes - do not use Windows Media Player. iTunes will convert the songs from your CDs straight to the hard drive as single .MP4 files, and therefore you won't have to first rip the tracks with Windows Media and then convert them again with iTunes.

Does that make sense? :P

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Well JohnUlmer summed basically everything up there.....but if you want to download whole albums i suggest using torrent files. Its basically the same thing but you download a program called 'Azureus' and go to torrent search engines like www.torrentz.com www.isohunt.com www.torrentspy.com whole albums are pretty easy to get.

The whole illegal thing is no worry, but yeah dont share files, its a lot easier to prevent virus' that way.

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