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Seeing as nobody has really gone out of their way to answer to this, I think I will. This was the album that really made me fall in love with the White Stripes.

I love it to peices.

It's just so foot stomin', rootin tootin' darned good. Although I think it trails off towards the latter end of the album in terms of song quality, the beginning more than makes up for it.

It's just such a fun, light hearted album.

And if you fail to smile and AT LEAST tap your foot to Hotel Yorba, then you either:

1) Have no legs


2) Have no lips

No other reasons exsist. It's been known to cure manic depression.

Also in a completely related incident, it scared me when I recently watched Citizen Kane, and I knew the words to all of the songs in it. I blame the Union Forever. :o At first it was 'HA! They've stolen white stripes lyrics!'. Then it dawned on me...'stole them.....in......1920........ :unsure: '.

Out of everythings considered, I'd give this album a wonderful 7.5/10 cookies. If you're looking for something deep, then go and dig a hole - but if you're looking for a fun, sing alongy, friendly country riff music, then buy this. Either that, or steal it from someone. While they're not looking of course.

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