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I need support now everyone please!!!


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I am addicted to mygnrforum! I cant stop thinking about it, I have tried to leave before but can't. Not that bad though it is my favorite site and my favorite band for the last 20 years..\

whos with me?

love this fuckin' place, to all those oppossed....hmm well?


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I'm with ya! I've been a Guns fan for damn-near 20 years myself. I visit this forum almost every day! Hell, even right now, I'm at work. I'm sure I could be doing something useful, but fuck that, I'd rather be browsing the forum! rock1

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Im on this place for a good chunk of time each day.. as when I do HW, it's always open :)

It's cool here.

A sure way to leave for good.. take a look at the forum rules. Now do everything opposite. In no time you will find yourself not going back here!

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