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Need A Bass player and Singer to complete belfast band

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:o i live there, but im not a singer and not much good on bass :( plus im a chick.....there are some people who dont like that in a band <_<

however i will use your number for prank calls :devil:

i wont really ;)

The only reason I would put a chick in a 'Boy Band', would be if she sang any Hole songs.

It doesn't matter neither on bass, it's either the band wants it loud or doesn't. If they want it loud you only have to learn a couple chords to get started otherwise, if they want the bass even with the bitch guitar then you can memorize. Unless you play loud, or they want you to play insane lines, it doesn't take much to get started.

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ive done dat had ads in mattchebandts and total guitar the usal places it was a long shot putting it in this forum were of an oasis type of band

our music and covers





do u play guitar

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