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Songs that didn't grow on you...


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get in the ring. it is a pointless ego trip and doesn't compare with any other songs on the album. about half of the spaghetti incident is difficult to listen to. I don't think that My World classifies as an actual song, but I never listen to it. Don't Cry (alternate lyrics) on Use Your Illusion II isn't bad, I just prefer the original version.

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Wow, you guys are listing some of my favorite songs... Coma, Estranged, are you guys serious? Surprising really...

The only 2 songs that I really don't like are My World and Get in the Ring. As far as the new Guns N' Roses, Silkworms is pretty bad too.

To be honest though, I don't ever listen to The Spagetti Incedent (I really don't think it's horrible though, just a different kind of music really).

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