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Email From Richard


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Hi Brian,

thanks for taking the time to write. Sorry it's taken me so long to

write back. I use Rotosound strings. I used to use D'Addario, but

recently switched. They are sort of tough to find, but worth it. they

are really popular in England, but still not big over here. As for

session work for pop groups, it's pretty fun to just go in to a studio

and hear a song and play over it. I love music. I play on as many

different types of things that I possibly can. It's what i've done my

whole life and feel so blessed that I'm able to actually make a living

at it. There are huge differences between playing with Gn'R and ANYONE

else. Seriously, it's like my dream band. The Replacements were one of

my all time favorite bands, Robin blew my mind the first time i saw him

with NIN and Brain is probably THE baddest drummer there is. Axl is

unlike any other singer i've ever worked with. Absolute genius. It's

such an honor to stand next to him onstage (it can also be quite

frightening). He's heavier than just about anyone that's been.


> -------- Original Message --------

> Subject: Hey Richard!

> From:

> Date: Mon, September 26, 2005 11:50 am

> To: 4tus@richardfortusonline.com


> Hey!


> I have been wanting to write you for along time, just to say a few things

> and ask a few questions. I have to start by asking when is Chinese

> Democracy coming our? (haha, i couldn't resist.) Anyway, back on track. I

> have always loved the tone of your guitar and noticed you always thrash the

> strings quite hard. Out of curosity what strings do you use? I noticed you

> have done alot of work with different pop artists in the past, and i was

> wondering what is the biggest difference in recording for lets say NSYNC

> and Guns? What is the one thing you always want to have backstage after a

> long show is over? Thanks for taking the time to read this email, you rock

> my socks!


> Brian

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Haha, everybody sends richard emails with non-gnr related questions like "what strings do you use?", "what's your favourite song", "What pick color do you like".

To me, it all seems like a cover-up for the important questions. (What I would also do) :)

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when i was thinking up questions i wanted it to be more about richard then CD or Axl as he gets those emails constantly. im suprised he volunteered the little blurb about everyone. i thought it was funny he didn't mention dizzy. doesn't shock me he didn't mention the pitman guy, i dont think he ever has.

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