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blind melon comeback?  

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there was rumours just after the best of album came out that blind melon were goin to reform with jena kraus (she sang duet with shannon on mouthfull of cavities) replacing shannon hoon. would you like to see this happen or not? i personally would love to see blind melon back, the other members of the band are so talented and amazing when they play together itd be a waste not to see them play live together again.

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all songs are written by blind melon as one

blind melon are a really underrated band and they deserved to make it big. i see it as a complete waste that this band of extremely talented people are not still making music together as blind melon.

pink floyd continued without syd barret and it worked and sepultura carried on making good music after max cavalera left. blind melon need to reform, there music is still as good as anything out now and it wouldnt be disrespectful to shannon if jena took his place as they were good friends. its better than somebody comin in who had nothing to do with the band

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The Blindmelon.com Petition

This domain name was purchased years ago by a person named Mark Makhoul, and it's coming up for renewal very soon! He hasn't updated the site for almost a year now, and is refusing to give it up!

If the domain was allowed to be registered by members of the band, the rightful owners, Blind Melon fans will have access to updated information, news, pictures, and downloads.

Rogers Stevens recently said:

Hi all

Rogers here...yes, the band does want this domain name (blindmelon.com).

After the band ended, it was still kinda early on in the whole website thing, and we were all so upset that we didn't lock it down. I've been back and forth with the guy who owns it, and he has refused to sell it to the band, so we don't have a lot of recourse unless we wanted to take it to the courts, which is just too nuts to deal with. So I kinda gave up on it for now.... but we wanted to put a nice site together to preserve the name and memory of the band, as well as put out a lot of stuff that has not been seen or heard before. As you can imagine, the band has lots of photos and bits of music that were not together enough to release, so this would be the perfect place to put it out so ya'll could download etc. We could also make this board a part of the site (if that were amenable to the owners here). If someone manages to reason with this guy, then let us know. As always, we are very grateful to all of you here for keeping our music alive.

take care


The petition is currently at 382 signatures, but is aiming for one thousand!

If you haven't yet signed, please take the time to sign it now!


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Blind Melon should never reform under the name "Blind Melon" because the name is a testament to the legend of Shannon Hoon... There is only one Shannon Hoon, just like there is only one Michael Hutchence, only one Jeff Buckley, only one Jim Morrison, only one Kurt Cobain... If Blind Melon were to reform, which would be great, they could use a different name, just like what they did with Unified Theory... What could be seen from this band was that the former Blind Melon members were trying to avoid the same sound as Blind Melon, perhaps in order to preserve the memory of Blind Melon as a specific sound... They did not want their reputation as former Blind Melon members to cloud their new project... They were Unified Theory... not Blind Melon... Blind Melon was a band that had a specific sound, which was identifiable by Shannon's unique voice... his legend should not be overshadowed by the future compositions if they were to reform with a new singer... Blind Melon Melon should be remembered and cherished for what they were, not what they would be if they were to reform... what happened with Unified Theory was unfortunate, but the remaining members have moved on... Rogers with the Tender Trio, Glen with the Meek, and Chris and Brad are working in their own recording studio with other projects... We should respect the memory of Shannon Hoon which was encapsulated in his music with Blind Melon... If a new singer was to front the band known as Blind Melon, it may overhadow his greatness, and may even soil it... I, myself would never listen to Blind Melon without Shannon Hoon, and I am sure the majority would not either...

Plus the new INXS sucks!!! I hate the new singer!!!

You cannot have an American fill in for a unique Australian voice like Hutchence... That would be the same if someone was to replace Daniel Johns in Silverchair, or, more relevant to the subject, replace Bon Scott in ACDC... It is not the same without all the original members in sync... The same thing would apply for Australians filling in for American bands...

INXS finished in 1997, just as Blind Melon finished in 1995... The memory will live on... Any new material composed under that name will destroy Blind Melon's reputation... It makes my blood run cold just thinking about it... INXS is a prime example of a band which has lost some of the greatness it once had, all because they want to trample the memory of Michael Hutchence and disrepect his legacy... I respect the remaining members of Blind Melon so much because they have left Shannon's memory untarnished and as pure as it was the day he passed... RIP Shannon

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Absolutely not!!..

Blind Melon songs doesn`t work without Shannon,he wrote basically all of them.

Maybe one gig but not a reunion with a new singer,even though i love Jena Crause in Mouthfull Of Cavities.

Blind Melon should rest in peace with Shannon.

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