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Your favorite Elton John song

3rd Wheel

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Only if you like him as a musician

Whats the other way of liking him, you think he's a sex symbol?

no i mean only if you enjoy his music....when i refer to someone who makes music i refer to them as a musician, just in general

in other words.....I obviously wouldn't want ppl who don't like Elton John's music posting in here.

Example: What's your favorite Led Zeppelin song?....only if you like them as musician's

I wouldn't want ppl who don't like Led Zeppelin posting in the thread

and sadly there are some ppl on THIS forum who will say "I hate Elton John because he is a fag."

I don't want this thread to have that b/c I think basing a musician on his sexual preference rather than his musial talent and production is absolute bullshit.....

but the reason why I put "only if you like him as a musician" was so that this can be a thread for ppl who enjoy his music


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