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Iron Maiden - Death On The Road

The Third Man

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Just incase anyone plans on buying it. There's apparently been problems with European discs, which includes Britain. They tend to mess up a bit from after Brave New World, and especially on Paschendale (why not on Lord of the Flies?!). So it might be best not to buy it yet, if you plan to

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I just bought it today, it looks and sounds amazing! I'd say it's superior to Rock In Rio in every way. Really fast cuts again but it seems to work better with the songs this time around, also the audio is great, crisp, you can make everyone out, and the documentaries are pretty cool as well, I've only watched the first one so far and the concert iself. So far so good...B000A88F86.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

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I bought it the other day as well.

Holy shit it fucken rules.

Pashendale and Journeyman are proberly my favourites, and No More Lies.

The picture and sound is just so crisp.

While Bruce is a bit better in form in RIR, he still puts on an awesome performance, damn that mans voice just gets better and better!

The band is even tigher than when they were at RIR, Dave and Adrian are on fire and never skpip a note, Adrian in particular i was very pleased with he improvised heavily and moved around alot. Janick, well he was just good ol' Janick, gotta love him. And 'Arry was the best i've seen him since Donnington 92, he was realyl getting into it.

The concert disk rate a 9.5/10 brilliant stuff, the best live footage ive seen of them (actully maybe a bootleg i have of 7th Son tour is only slightly better)

Some may find the stage props and Bruces costume changes a bit Spinal-Tap-esque, but i personally love it :D

The special features disk a great too, Nicko is such a funny bastard :lol:

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Anyone found any Easter Eggs yet?

I personally am not a big fan of this DVD, don't get me wrong. I think the picture quality is brilliant and the sound. I just despise the camera changes every 5 seconds. It's really off putting, as soon as you focus in on a member it changes.

The Stereo disc buggered up for me for every song after Brave New World (plays then pauses, plays then pauses) so I watched it all in 5.1, I presume they have the same camera changes?

Watched a bit of the extras. Not all though.

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