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Does anybody know how to find out what region my DVD player is i bought it about 9-10 months ago and didn't really know about different regions were. Is there any way i can find out i threw away the instruction book ,(very clever i know) thinking that i wouldn't need it once i got the DVD plugged in and stuff.

Now i was looking on ebay saw some DVD's and they said US region 1 or something like that and dont know the region of my own player.

Can u unlock a DVD player is that possible or is there any way to find out what region my Pacific DVD player is ???


i am stupid i know please dont shoot me down does anyone else have this problem probably not i guess

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you should habe a region 2 DVd player then. You can play all european dvds and japanese ones aswell, pretty cool if you like japanese movies :)

anyway you have to tell me the exact name (like "pacific 1001") maybe its a region free player or you can make it to play ALL regions

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