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Just found this on the Down Board.

Hey people.

Just thought I would post this lil bit of info I found out.

I was backstage at the Mean Fiddler show with Crowbar and Will Haven and got to hang out with the Crowbar guys for a couple of hours and managed to talk to Kirk about Down's UK Tour plans... this is what he told me:


May 12th*... Astoria OR The Forum. Said its pretty much booked, but he wont know which venue until he gets back and the ball starts rolling properly on the booking of the tour.


NOT HAPPENING. Apparently Clear Channel place a "Play Download, cant headline your own UK Tour" policy on ALL bands who play the festival so Down chose to tour instead. Does this mean a FULL UK TOUR. I dont know, I was only concerned with the London date [sorry non-Londoners] and was a lil drunk to push the issue, but I'm guessing they will play a couple of UK dates as turning down Download is a pretty big thing and they couldve still headlined a London show and played Download... so a tour is happening.

BUT... who knows if they will be the "Secret" band this year. Metallica and Funeral For A Friend were the past "secret" bands, and I think because of other touring commitments they had to be un-announced [Metallica headlined Reading that year and FFAF... i dont know, they are shit and I dont care] but like I said, Kirk flat out said NO to me asking if they were playing Download and I'm only passing on what I was told.

I wouldnt pin my hopes on this though. Kirk seemed pretty annoyed that the band had to choose tour the UK or play Download.

[* = I know press reports suggest a May 15th start for this tour, but I'm only posting what Kirk himself told me]

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A new Down album can only be a good thing! It's good to know that Phil's feeling up to performing live again as well!

Nola is my personal fav of the two albums so far.

I can't decide on my fave... I think it comes down to the fact a special person bought me DOWN II.. So that's all that devides the albums for me.

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down is a a god damn great band. them and coc are saving heavy metal. phil is one of the greatest frontman to ever walk the face of the earth and pepper one of my favorite guitarest is great and he is my favorite singer besides axl with phil right behind him.

Dude, are you my long lost brother?! :lol:

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