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Queen + Paul Rodgers


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I just got my tickets for the first Queen show in Chicago in close to 25 years this March! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else seeing/seen them? I'm listening to Return of the Champions, and Paul is a very fitting guy for the group. He doesn't try to outdo or even match Freddie, just pay hommage to the legend, and he doeas a damned fine job!

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Guest cherry_bomb
I dont appreciate the use of the + as opposed to the conventional 'and.'

maybe it stands for a 'plus' insteand of an 'and'...you see, if it was an 'and' i do believe this would have been used- '&'. so i guess you wouldnt appreciate the '+' being used as opposed to the conventional 'plus'.

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The + is used to express the fact that Paul Rodgers and the band are not Queen. Paul is in as a tribute to Freddie. This is his way of giving back to a man who influenced him a lot and dedicating this part of his career to paying tribute to that influence. I think the + is actually quite the brilliant addition to the band's name.

As far as the narrow-mindedness, think what you will. Paul actually does a magnificent job on Freddie's parts. Sometimes it does sound extraordinarily akin to Freddie's voice (Bohemian Rhapsody), but sometimes he just sounds like Paul. Either way, his voice is a magnificent addition to the band. Again, think what you will, but I'd give Return of the Champions a listen before writing them off. I agreed with you in the begining, but Paul just sounds so damn good with them. He is a very fitting frontman to head a Freddie Mercury tribute tour, which is just what the whole Q+PR project is: a tribute to the memory of a legend.

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