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The new demo leaks.........


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Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I dont have sound on my PC at work - talk about total frustration!!! Ha!!

A couple of questions,... is Buckethead involved in both the demo leaks everyone has heard? And if so, does he bring much to the tracks?

The reason for my asking, is that if they were recorded some time ago, theres a big probability that his parts will have been cut and replaced, meaning that the final tracks will sound very different to what you are hearing at the moment.

Thanks anyway - think I might have to visit a internet cafe later this evening!!........... rock2


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I was thinking if buckethead wasnt playin maybe Paul Tobias aka Paul Huge. after all axl said at RIR3 Paul has been with him since day 1 of CD..

yes i know btw that Richard replaced Paul in 2002. If axls still lookin for a guitar player i say he should convice Paul to come back.. I love his playing on OMG..

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The blown out fast solo of I.R.S could very well be Buckethead. But it's far from the most technical bucket can play so it could be some of the others also if they're more technical then I know of. Maybe. :) Good solo anyway.

The rest anyone of them can play.

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Hey I just heard about the new G N' R tracs this morning and have not been able to find a live link for them all day. Would someone mind e-mailing a zipped copy to me? I can put them on my server and make that available to others as well.


(Just need zipped files as my office blocks .mp3 attachments)

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Can someone e-mail me the song please? I have IRS and it fuckin kicks ass. But I heard that Better is even BETTER. My e-mail is Velvet_Revolver_123@hotmail.com . Only reason it is VR, is cuz I found out about them before GNR. Long story and no time. But I'd really appreciate it if someone were to send me the song.

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