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I put them straight on my iPod when I got them without playing them through my speakers, listened to them right away, thought they were amazing, then played them through the speakers and thought they sounded like crap that way. Probably 'cause the sound quality isn't that good since they aren't properley mixed or mastered.

A little tip: If you're using a new 5g iPod (might work with the older models I dunno) set the equaliser to treble booster for I.R.S. It sounds clearer and you can hear Bucket's solo a bit better.

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They are demos, IRS is a nice clean demo, or who-ever released it downgraded the audio so as not to give the 100% effect. I think if either of these songs are on CD you will be amazed at how much better they can sound, even though they are great now.

Even without access to the master tracks I was able to do some amazing things with IRS, brought out the vocals quite a bit, boosted the low and high end, and added more stereo separation.

but even with that, a professionally mastered product on CD is going to blow away any demo that is compressed into MP3 sent around the internet, who knows what else is done to it.

I just wish I knew when CD was going to be out, if I had a date, it would be that much easier to not listen to these leaked tracks and wait for the real deal.

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