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Goals of Chinese Democracy

there is no dana only zool

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so far it sounds like it's going to be a very personal album- based on the three leaks...

my question is this: do you think Axl was motivated to make a great record by people who he felt abandoned him? specifically (in light of the seymour-related thread) his ex-girlfriend...

could say, one of the goals have been to become so influencial and famous again- that she/former bandmates/ex-fans/naysayers, etc. would regret walking out on him and want a second chance?

let's consider that possibility for a moment and ponder this:

madagascar seems to be about axl coming to terms with his losses and even praying that a higher power forgive them for their wrongdoings...

one could argue that Madagascar was then written after a song like TWAT...

TWAT seems to tell the story of pain, abandonment, grievence, loss...

Madagascar sounds like he's reached a new height that exists beyond his problems...

Bassically, I just want to know if anyone else thinks that one of Axl's intentions in taking over the world again (haha just assume that for a second for the sake of the question) was to watch turncoats regret leaving him behind?

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I think he needed an outlet. He's an artist, a musician, it is just something he had to do, something that was in his soul. And by the time the origional band left one by one he had friends like Paul Tobias that were there and working with him. "With out Paul, there would be no more Guns N' Roses." He also had Dizzy. Add this to the fact that he was talking about doing a more electronic project in the early nineties.

I think he is doing this for himself. He has his goals set and for fucks sake, he's too fucking talented at what he does to not be doing this. Yeah the people around him are different but what he's doing is still incredible.

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