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Guest Jack_the_ripper
I'm willing to pay, I was just wondering which one would be best.

What's the difference between the C2 v9.0 and say... The v4.0?? I don't understand it all.

But if 8.0 is the newest, I take it that's the best?

I'm confusing myself so sorry if I confuse you :lol:

basicly it's all about what you want to achieve with your photoshop. I've tried many different versions of it, but 7.0 is my favorite version, the one I'm comfortable with. C2 is alright, but as I said 7.0 is my favorite, now just because it's my favorite, doesn't mean it will be yours, just test out some trial versions first maybe to see if you like C2 or not. I'm pretty sure theres a trial version for download over at download.com so check out over there.

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I'm not sure if this is in the right section but...

For those who use photoshop (Bromle), which version is the best?

I used to use Photoshop 5 then progessed onto 6. I think it's up to 9 now. Believe it or not i prefer using Photoshop Elements, it has an image browser [missing from Photoshop 6] and it has thumb nails of filters and effects which Photoshop 6 does not. So my guess would be to go for Photoshop Elements for ease of use or check out Photoshop 9 [as i know nothing about it, but i think it is the lastest version]

Just read that there's something called Photoshop CS2. Think i'll check it out :)

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I use SC2 and fro all the versions that I've used, this is the best!

Elements is limited and some very usefull stuff is left out. I'd stay away from elements and about the thumbnails someone claimed previously, you get thumbnails in CS2 aswell. By the way, the CS in photoshop stands for CREATIVE SUITE

There is also a completely free program called GIMP and its is pretty good. Some say it rivals Adobe but I just don't have the experience to say how things measure up. I've used both PS and GIMp and I like 'em both.

If You're already familiar with Photoshop, then try looking for the GIMPshop. The GIMPshop is a GIMP hack that makes GIMP look like Photoshop. http://plasticbugs.com/index.php?p=241

This is what the developer writes in his website:

What I’ve done is renamed and reorganized GIMP’s tools, options, windows, and menus to closely resemble Adobe Photoshop’s menu structure and naming conventions. Many of the menu options and even whole menus were recreated to faithfully reproduce a Photoshop-like experience. After running my GIMPshop hack, you’ll find that Photoshop and the GIMP are strikingly similar.

Check it out here @ http://plasticbugs.com/index.php?p=241


p.s. if u really just wasnt adobeshop, try PM-img me and I'll see what I can do

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