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The Rumoured Track List?


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If the new disc isn't out in March, Geffen Records may release a Volume 2 Greatest Hits album.

That's what it said at the bottom of the page. They better not fuckin' release that. It will delay the album. Idiots!

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On topic : Wheres Better? :unsure:

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01. "Chinese Democracy"

02. "This I Love"

03. "I.R.S."

04. "Thyme"

05. "Substitute"

06. "The General"

07. "Seven"

08. "Madagascar"

09. "Ides Of March"

10. "Catcher In The Rye"

11. "Leave Me Alone"

12. "The Blues"

13. "Closing In On You"

14. "There Was A Time"


Closing in on you is defenitely a fake track.

the rumor was started back in 2001 by undercoverX (a dude from CD.com), later he admited it was false.

I think ides od march are fake as well.

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