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Chicago 2002


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  • 2 weeks later...

I was there with 3 friends. We left Central Illinois about noon. I got a rental car and then we picked up some beer at the gas station putting it in gas station cups and drinking on the way up.

We went to my buddy's sister's apartment before the gig, as that's where we were staying. And drank some more before the show. I remember his sister's boyfriend could play guitar he had an acoustic and started playing one in a million and my fucked up friend starts singing it was hilarious.

We then had to take subway to the gig and then catch a cab to Allstate. I remember as we were getting in our cab our fucked up friend was trying to buy acid off some homeless guy. We were like what the fuck are you doing, dudes homeless he has no acid. There was no chance I was going to be late for this show. Then after the acid fiasco he gets in the wrong cab. I was starting to get pissed off and said get in the fuckin cab. As we get in the cab i'm in the front with the Middle eastern driver, and my three buddies are in the back. We start driving and a hear a can open. The driver just looks at me without saying anything, I knew my a forementioned friend just cracked a beer.

Then when we get to the gig he got his flask confiscated. We missed CKY thankfully but had to endure MMM. I loved the fights in the stands before GNR. I have never seen that much tension at a show in my life. The guy next to us was doing coke it was kinda funny. That took some balls to bring that in.

Then Axl hit the stage and all was right in the world.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I was there. On the floor, 20 rows back on the right side. I agree that show was mind blowing and I went to both shows at The Joint in Vegas!! I have seen boots of Chicago and New York and I think Chicago is a better show. Best I have ever seen!!!! And yes a lot of tention at that show. The fights were way out of line. Should have been stopped a lot sooner!! That one up at the top straight back went on forever!!! The whole fucking building new about it before sec. did anything!!

I was staying at the same hotel as the bands. Ran into MMM and his guys eating after the show. Didn't talk but gave a wave. My friend saw Robin getting on the elevator. Had a great time. I have sense made a lot of friends that were at that show. But we didn't know each other back then. Its too bad, may never get another chance to hook up.

As for the drugs. Nothing unusaul. they are always around. In Vegas I had a guy offer me acid. I told the guy "why the hell would I want that shit? I am already higher than I have ever been, just being here!!"

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  • 2 weeks later...
The video of The Blues from the 2002 Chicago show is the best version of The Blues I think. I think it easily beats all the other so called "best" versions of The Blues.

Can that video be found somewhere? :) Because I LOVE THE BLUES! :xmassrudolph:

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