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Can Axl and Co. stop the power of the internet?


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I was away for the weekend and just found out about the leaked songs tonight.

I thought "Man, I missed it!" and was a little disappointed.

But LITERALLY within the next FIVE minutes of super casual browsing I found links to so many versions!

It's EVERYWHERE! Even in the most random places. I saw links to it in message boards for non-music related forums (like for cars and comics, etc.).

These days with the net....when a song is leaked out....it's OUT. There seems to be no logical way to stop it. If Axl wants to find the people uploading it.....then he's probably looking for literally hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of people around the world right now. It's impossible.

I personally hope the more of the album is NOT leaked out. I want Chinese Democracy CD sales to be successful. If the rest of the album is leaked out it will be worldwide within' hours. In the 1980's you could control leaks. But as Eminem and U2 found out, you simply cant in the 2000s.

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he cant stop technology. thats it . so if a release date is set i wont download anymore new stuff. if no release date then idk

100% agreed, if we don't know anything what else can we do, it's not like axl himself has asked us not to.

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Well, assuming the leak was not planned I think it's safe to assume Axl isn't happy about it.

But I think fans might be underestimating the man if they think he's actually going mad, or if they think he will delay the album further because of it. Axl isn't stupid. He knows this battle is futile. I'm sure he will take whatever steps he can to limit unwanted leaks, but I doubt that leaks are seriously going to change his plans. And I'm sure he knows more leaks are coming, especially when the album is pressed and he no longer has any control. The best they can hope for is to contain the leakage...I'm sure he's aware of that fact and that this is no longer 1991.

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