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I got this info from a french journalist with contacts in the music industry. Please do not ask for the name, I will not tell.

It's 2 CD's, a double album, not two single dics like UYI I & II, just a 2-CD set, like "Mellon Collin" by The Smashing Pumpkins. The leaks were coming from the band as part of some massive worldwide promotion campaign that is just about to start. The guy also told me that there won't be any more leaks and that "Better" will be the first single and up on iTunes soon. He said this song introduces the new guitar player Miquel Angelato (sp?) and this guy "wipes the floor with Buckethead" (that's what he said). The video was directed by Martin Scorsese, the director of the movie "Goodfellas" and Michael Jackson's "Bad" music video.

You can believe this or not, I don't care. In a few hours all hell will break lose and you will see for yourself.

Here's the release date for "Chinese Democracy":

***** SPOILER *****


FEB 28

*********** SPOILER ***************

I don't have a copy of the album and I don't have any more info, please don't ask. Thank you.

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Guest JohnUlmer

Scorsese DOES apparently like GN'R.

He included an (uncredited) portion of the song "Patience" in CAPE FEAR...for no apparent reason, as the song wasn't on the charts at the time (the movie came out in '91).

I doubt this, though.

I DO think the tracks might have been released as a promotional thing, though. To get people talking.

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My friend "Google" .... found under name "Miquel Angelato" exactly 2 (two) scores....and none of them is Miquel Angelato but some guy named Miquel and other guy with last name Angelato, so.... I very much doubt about your side of story :krider: :xmassrudolph:

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