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Axl needs the press...


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I must admit I didnt know what to think when I heard Axl was tryin industrial sounds but the most important part was that I knew about it, which made Better and IRS sound quality. Most of the DJs who have heard the leaks would have been expectin AFD 2, which it is not gonna be. And the majority of the music public will not know what Axl has been up to. With this in mind, I would recommend Axl to do a big official interview or a series of them, to tell everyone thats it will NOT BE AFD 2. Because, ultimately, people listen to critics and if some nipple on the radio says that CD sounds like turd, people will buy Lindsy Lohan or some shit instead.

I listened to a couple of reactions from DJs on the net earlier today... they didnt seem to impressed with the tracks, and with Axls vocals especially. I think we as GNR hardocre fans may get a bit too supportive sometimes and blow good tracks into fuckin world beaters, which made critism hard to bear to be honest.

Axl needs the press to spread the word about CD, and spread a good one too. After waiting so long, the majority of the music buying public will not buy a record simply because it has GNR on the front, and they have not been visiting forums such as this one to check up on Axls progress over the years. The record not only needs to be better than any of the current batch, but also those that have been and gone, or else the press will slaughter him and a large number of people will go along with what the media says.

I'm very confident that I will love CD, but for those people who dont have to buy new GNR records worryingly often because they wear them out, Axl needs to generate some seriously positive rumblings about CD and get the media as allies instead of enemies.

Hes pulled off masterstroke by signing up to shows all over Europe. I believe US will not be far behind either, and the word will spread fif Guns delivers some fuckin kick ass performances off the new songs at the shows in the next few months.

The world is not waiting for CD, a little corner of it is. Time to let everyone know whats comin.

Rock on Axl! You fuckin rule dude.


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But, keep in mind how many gnr fans there are in the world that have been waiting for this, it will sell so many copies its unture all over the world to normal gnr fans.

The problem he will have is appealing to new fans if the press give it shit, which i think to be honest is inevitable, it wont be an afd 2, nothing can match that, but they are obviuolsy gunna compare it to that. Unfairly.

Also hes gunna get grief about it takin so long, thats partly correct but come on, why on earth does he need to rush, he has been there done it and wrote the fuckin book on rock n roll, id take my time!

Part of me thinks hed do better to give the press shite, just like axl of old! ROCK ON!!!!!

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