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Greatest Hits 2 before Chinese Democracy according


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I sent an email to that cornmo guy. The magician that met Axl at that Victoria Secret party. Here is what he emailed me. You can see the link that he talks about Axl and has a photo with him.


he (axl) said the label was going to put out another greatest hits cd and see

how that

does. and then they'll decide.

i hope he puts it out himself. like prince did. that would be


he's really nice.

> Hey saw your Blog...you met Axl. Very cool.


> Please tell me you asked him when Chinese Democracy is going to be



> I would appreciate any info you have...


> Thanks so much!

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you know what?

fuck greatest hits 2.

one is enough.

you saw how that did.

very well.

there really is no need for another long ass wait.

fuckin.... god dammit.

i didnt think when he was talking about music this year hed be talking about another gay ass greatest hits cd.

i have all the songs i need and i need new material.

fuckin.... you stupid idiot!

god dammit, ill probably end up buying it too

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that would be the momentum killer to end all momentum killers. the press and fans are going crazy for GNR related items right now with anticipation of CD's release. can you imagine a press release that says "GNR are playing some festivals in Europe, meanwhile we're releasing a compilation of album cuts and one day SOON CD will be hitting the shelves. more on CD in the coming months"? ughhhhh, even the most die-hard fans would say "enough already"!!

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fuckin step backwards if that happens. Ridiculous. The album is nearly done, if they wait another 6 months tops im sure itl be finished and ready for release.

On the other hand, releasing gh2 then performing concerts with new material and releasing album after that, not bad marketing! Ie: old guns are dead, heres the new guns!!!!

because wat happens in 10 years time when chi dems been released and a gnr greatest hits compilation comes out,,, would they want to mix old and new gnr, if i were slash etc that wouldnt be happening!

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