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What Would You Put On Greatests Hits II?


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Geffen plans to release

Welcome to the Jungle: The Very Best of Guns N' Roses

All there biggest hits were on the first- what should be on the second. These songs will also be remastered,

which could be interesting...or not.

To me it kinda sounds like A two disk set so um what 26 songs would you like on album?

Heres Mine:

Disc 1

01 Nightrain

02 Mr.Brownstone

03 Double Talkin' Jive

04 Dust N' Bones

05 You're Crazy

06 So Fine

07 Locomotive

08 Breakdown

09 Pretty Tied Up

10 Don't Cry (alt.)

11 Estranged

12 Crash Diet

13 Welcome to the Jungle {Live}

Disc 2

01 It's So Easy

02 Attitude

03 Think About You

04 14 Years

05 You're Crazy (acoustic)

06 Don't Damn Me

07 Used To Love Her

08 The Garden

09 Garden of Eden

10 Back Off Bitch

11 Rocket Queen

12 Ain't Goin Down

13 November Rain {Live}

14 Coma (For only chinese ppl lol)

I ain't buying it if it doesn't contain any rare material though

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Guest JohnUlmer


1. Live Wire

2. Girls Girls Girls

3. I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

4. Fruit Salad

5. Dancing On Glass

6. Every Rose Has Its Thorns

7. Unskinny Bop

8. Roadhouse Blues

9. Creep

10. Smells Like Teen Spirit

11. The End


1. Duke Nukem 3D: Theme Song

2. Forrest Gump Theme

3. (I Did it All for the) Nookie

4. Wake Up

5. Killing in the Name

6. Corduroy

7. Creep

8. Plush

9. Fall to Pieces

10. Slither

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Guest JohnUlmer
2002 VMA's Medley or Something Live From Rio.

He said Greatest Hits, not Greatest Blunders.


(And yeah, I liked the VMAs, but most people didn't - putting that on a GH disc would result in even more sarcastic quips about Axl and the new band from non-fans.)

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