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help please!!!


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ok so recently my internet has become very un reliable. i got internet explorer on my computer and opera. i use opera normally but my family use I.E. now when i use opera its ok bit slow at times but when I.E. is used it just crashes my computer. i have run anti-virus and anti-spyware but it hasnt worked. i had this problem before and took ages to fix. does anyone have any idea how i could try and fix this. thanks in advance.

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Is the problem with IE crashing intermittent or does it only happen with certain websites or tasks? Is it only when use surf the internet you're having problems?

You can aslo check you Event Viewer for useful information.

1. Go to START-->Run...

2. Type evenvwr and hit Enter.

3. Click on the Application tab.

4. Look for Errors and Warnings at the time IE crashed.

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