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Axl spotted at the Roxy two days ago

Guest JohnUlmer

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Guest JohnUlmer



JooK from ebaumsworld forum :

I saw him 2 days ago.

I went to The Derek Trucks Band's concert at the Roxy on Sunset.

We came out and waited around 45 minutes to get Derek to sign my friend's Gibson SG, while we were there, I saw a familiar face. I recalled someone on this very forum posting pictures of Axl during the release party for a Korn CD or something like that. I immediatly stopped my friends like "That's Axl fucking Rose!".

They didn't buy it at first, but I convinced them.

It was definately him. I wanted to go up and get a signature from him also, but figured he might be an ass about it. I didn't know whether or not to call him Axl Rose, because maybe he wanted to put it behind him.

Didn't seem mean at all. Infact, I saw the openning band's (this CRAZY bluegrass/blues combo, with a chick that plays the washingboard! they were pretty cool) singer/guitar player giving Axl his CD while he was on his phone. And I saw Rose talking to a few people around, I think he was just waiting to get into the club upstairs.

Kind of regret not talking to him, my friends told me I was a bit too excited. I kept repeating "That's fucking Axl ROSE! atleast one of the top 20 vocalists of Rock History!".

Cool experience, anyway.



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It would be funny if he went up to him and said ''Aren't you Slash?''

Next thing the guy would be signing is "Hey you caught me in a coma..." :xmasssanta:

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Watch out, guys. Axl Rose might not like being called Axl Rose.


Actually a lot of people have asked me "what's his real name?" when I've talked about Axl. They must think it's a nickname or something.

It is.

no it's not, he actually changed it to Axl.

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