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What are you going to do as soon as you get your copy?


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As soon as your copy of CD is IN YOUR HANDS?

I'm locking myself up for three days with only my computer, two dvds and the CD blaring through my awesome Sony Home Entertainment System. I'll have an electric kettle and some coffee powder and sugar and milk so I can have some coffee, and I'll make sure I have 2 or 3 entertaining reads to read while listening to CD 24 hours all 3 days.

I will eventually leave my hideout emotionally scarred by the moodswings in the songs and deeply hurt that Axl would make an album I would later waste tonnes of batteries on listening to whenever I go out. This obsession with CD will cost me my girlfriend as she breaks up with me through my room door the night of the 2nd day, to the tune of "T.W.A.T." I later call her this insult and she gets really mad, causing her to break up with me again.

I will later suffer from major health problems due to the inability to defecate inside my room, which will cause me to need a major operation to get the feces out.

CD will ruin my life. :S

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Yeh I'm more of a reader then a poster...usually whatever I wanna say is already said...or said better by someone else. So I usually just stick in the background unless I feel the urge to say something...(this is one of those topics).

I just started an accounting job, and I gave one of the accountants there a copy of the demos to listen to...I thought he'd like T.W.A.T. for sure. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Currently I'm leaning on The Blues & Madagascar...the cleaned up versions for some GN'R. This may sound gay, but there is something special that I get from these songs...kinda like a homecoming..."feels good to be home". Ya know when you go back to your hometown after a couple months/years away. "Yeah I know this area of the world"...same way for me with these tunes...esp. Maddy, The Blues, & T.W.A.T. Finally back home again, thanks Axl.

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What will I do as soon as I get Chinese Democracy? Well, I'll go pick it up first thing in the morning. But I know I have a dentist appointment that day, so I'll go to that from the record store. But I won't listen to it in the car on the way over cuz I want to listen to it in one sitting uninterrupted. From my dentist appointment I'm meeting my friend for lunch that day, so we'll go eat, but I'll hesitate eating my sandwich since I'm really enjoying the pearly clean feeling on my teeth. After that, I'll go home and finally be able to sit down and listen to the album with headphones on uninterrupted. That's exactly what I'll do that day. Whenever it is. :)

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im guessing ill be in the cd store at the time...so ill walk outside n get it out of the bag its in...n jus look at it...feel the adrenaline pass through me n get myself more n more worked up n excited that i have it...

walk home (only takes 2 mins) wondering nervously if im about to be let down...then go out to my granny flat n play it hopefully not getting disappointed...

if i do get disappointed drown my sorrows with beers n get a sympathy root...

if however im not disappointed celebrate with some beers n have a celebration root...


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