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Talking Metal - epsiode 46


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http:///www.talkingmetal.com - yo friends - we tried to get some new info but nothing really. It sounds like Axl is heading back to NYC this wknd... i guess that means he is doing press or something for the upcoming release - please check episode 46 of our podcast. You people rock. Thanks for the support!! Chinese Democracy - 6-6-06!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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go to talkingmetal.com and listen to the mp3.

do it fast too because the interview with the chick is soon to be removed per her request... She said "legal issue are at hand."

Really? Source for that?

I already listened to it and didn't really hear her say anything we didn't already know. i mean she seemed to think that Bucket being out of the band was some insider thing she new from 'being part of the scene'. Actually she sounded really ditsy to me. If there was any truth about Axl letting her hear the CD in a few weeks then we know that we're not looking at a late March/early april release, but really I don't put much stock in her comments.

Legal actions preventing her interview though? Now that's a bit interesting if it's coming from the G'nR camp.

Also, if this confirms the picture was real, what the hell is Axl doing wearing the same clothes all over the place? :rofl-lol:

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