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Axl is actually making classic rock music now

Guest JohnUlmer

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the new music is not comparable to anything axl has done before

i hope the cd comes out soon

and that the music blows me away

of course i will go and seen axl again

but it's like watching acdc without angus

or gnr without axl (=vr)

you miss the real deal

Well, I see it this way: Forget about Slash and Duff. This new GNR has got nothing to do with them, so I don't really miss them. This is a new band with new music that will live on its own merits.

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If you look at the Appetite days, those were GREAT, classic hard rock songs...but except for SCOM, WTTJ and Paradise City, most of them didn't transfer as well to the mainstream and on the UYI albums, November Rain and Don't Cry -- epic rock ballads -- were the most successful. It's a classic gritty album and still hugely influential amongst the rock community, and it's my favorite album, but I think some of Axl's new material is going to really blow it away.

In terms of universally-appealing, classic rock -- Elton John, Queen, The Beatles/John Lennon, Led Zeppelin, etc. -- Axl has found his place. "Catcher in the Rye" in particular exhibits such a different pattern than what we would expect from the singer who wrote "Don't Damn Me" and "Anything Goes."

Axl once said he jumped on the hair metal bandwagon to get famous and he didn't have any real ties to the genre of music. Slash did have ties, and I think that's why we had struggles on the UYI albums between harmonious melodies like Don't Cry and hard rock thrash like Garden of Eden - one side of Axl felt obligated to deliver to the Appetite crowds and Slash wanted to do that, but the inner Queen and Elton John fan could be heard on songs like Estranged and NR.

And now, left on his own, he's finally managed to reach the pinnacle. Axl has matured. His critics, I think, will at least be blown away by the maturity of his new songs and the scope -- these are going to reach into the mainstream and involve a whole new crowd of Elton John/Queen fans and classic rock listeners who shrugged off GN'R in the '80s.

I'm not saying there won't be any hard rock on CD, or that we hard rock isn't good -- but I think these melodic songs like TWAT and The Blues and CITR display a new side to Axl's musical talents.

Guns N' Roses are back, and they're kicking ass.

this is one of the better posts i have read on this board.

this is what axl's been doing for the past 10 years, taking guns n' roses to the next level and i think he's finally getting there. axl has already written himself into the history books of rock n' roll but this time around i think he will seal his legacy, axl has the talent of reaching up to his idols, led zep and queen, while at the same time keeping it gnr. i think we are about to witness axl rose appeal to a massive audience, and hopefully he will silence his critics and finally get the praise he deserves.

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yeah totally, im 23, saw GNR back in 02' when i was like 20, thought they rocked and i saw a wide spectrum of people there... AXL is really branching out and doing different things, remember, this is what Slash, Duff, and Co. didnt want to do, they just wanted to go out and make rock music, dont get me wrong what they did THEN was amazing, and what AXL has now.... well he has nothing, except for Demos, and the DEMOS are better than VR. Great move on AXL's part and she sounds amazing


And I totally agree with U J.Ulmer! I´d like to your post in a paper..

Someone called Axls new music boring. I wont agree. Back in the old days, just what Ulmer said, was Axl the one who wanted to do different things, try different styles.. Of course Axl will bring some old-gunners on CD for the love of his old "appatite"-fans. That don´t make him cowardly. Along time time, especailly UYI-era, Axl brought many "different" fans along with him. Now his in a state where he got a very wide, -tastefully, fanbase hes have to satisfy.. That´s why he will bring us "a very complex album". I rather se axls indecisivety(spelling??) as a strenght to do different styles, then as a weakness. Thats impressing me a lot, and thats why I like Axl so much.

It´s Axl who created a "wide" fanbase with different expectations, and I´m sure he will attain that with CD!

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