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Merck appreciation thread

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Seriously. Haha, if you truthfully can't find any reason for why Merck is a bad guy, then join in...

I honestly just don't see what it is he's supposedly done to be burned at the stake?

I'm going to praise him for the simple fact that he's GN'R's manager and anything affiliated with GN'R is a great thing in my book.

He's even affiliated with a few other bands I really like being Iron Maiden, KISS, Superjoint Ritual, COC, Jane's Addiction, etc.

Thumbs up to Merck Mercuriadis.

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hey merck thanks for erm all the stuff youve done like leaking the tracks and then pretending you know "nothing" hey your a good guy and when he gets the nod from upstairs to let us all know what we want to hear im sure he will be happy to tell the world i can only imagine the weight on his shoulders right now!!

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I give him his due in that he saved Morrissey's career. The promo he got for him in 2004 was amazing and if GNR get the same level of exposure then Chinese Democracy will explode!

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Well he is only doing what he can , only trying to do his job with GNR is not like he is the one that decides everything about GNR .

Sometimes i dunno why people hate him so much...i mean he says what he can , and what is the best for the band

edit : aussi_axl :laugh: i knew it wouldnt take long for someone to do that . Why dont you go to make a hate thread for him if you want ? :lol: (joking)

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Thanks for putting up with Axl and always backing down to him when push came to shove. You can't give details and you can't be trusted. 2005? Well at least GNR is still alive. Thanks for letting all the people we know lick your asshole for your non informative information.

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I appreciate the fact he tells Madison and various others if something is true or not.

oh yeah the guys a weath of imformation and good will!,

So to give away your trust

Like they're not gonna fuck you

How long can you bear him

To come back and haunt you

To burn past your feelings

And cause you to suffer

You're starting to bleed

They don't speak up

Before its too late

What will you offer

In way of a healing?

GNR"S FANS so confused, abused, misused! :anger::fuckyou:

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