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How would like the Statement to be done

Darth Vader

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I would like it if Ax just showed up to the Stern show and made the announcement there.

What do you think?

I want the band to just show up in Times Square, and start jamming. Every news station would take notice and everyone would receive word at the same time.

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Short and sweet.

Thoughts on the leaks.

Playing the festivals

Current line up/3rd guitarist?

Album release date

Done how the Buckethead leaving was sorted out would be fine

That would sound good for me too. I would add plans for a U.S. tour

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Guest Matt13

Fellow Gunners,

I know it has been a while since you all have last heard from me, officially. I know how frustrating it can be, and was, for a lot of you who have been waiting for this beast to get rolling. It has been frustrating for myself, the band and everyone directly involved in the Chinese Democracy project. Legal matter after legal matter have slowed the recording process and have delayed release dates. I wish I could speak more on those matters, but I legally can not get into those issues at this time without jeopardizing any of the big plans we are finally able to unveil. In short, yes, you will have Chinese Democracy in your hands on March 29th, 2006. The single, 'Better', will be hitting the airwaves later this week and we are currently in the process of putting together a world tour that will begin in Europe this spring and travel through North America in the fall, as we then would then take the show to parts of South America and Asia to close out 2006.

As we embark on this new chapter in the saga that is Guns N' Roses, I especially would like to thank all of my biggest fans who have been putting up with the bull shit and patiently waiting, in some cases as much as 10 years, for this day to finally arrive. We have been keeping up with our fan base in internet forums and it was painful to read some of the negativity directed toward us, upsetting to find so many so convinced we would ultimately be a failure, yet, not surprising. It was more painful to not deliver any news, updates or anything for that matter for such long stretches of time. We hope you believe us when we say our hands were tied. However, those days are just about behind us and I promise you will get the whole story in the form of DVD's about the making of Chinese Democracy and behind the scenes roadblocks along the way... GNR unscripted, if you will.

To the negative souls that have have nothing better to do with their time but attack a band they apparently hate on any number of fan forums for that band, it will be very enjoyable to see all of your hopes and dreams crushed with the monster that is about to be unleased. We understand where some of your frustrations came from, and believe that deep down inside, you also were waiting for this day to come. You may feel a little embarassed and kiss our ass on the forums now by 'applauding' our musical direction, but any idiot can see that is just a shallow attempt to quell the whiplash of the true fans laughing at and making a mockery of you. Your numbers are many and we hope that you were really just seeking attention in your little lives by being a negative flag thrower trying to bring down the fans that were truly behind us all the way. Those fans, BTW, we more than appreciate.

We've been keeping tabs on the forums, and we have a list of about 20,000 members of those forums who will be our backstage guests in the years to come at the dozens of shows we have planned in cities around the world, on us. It's the least we can do for all of the silence, all of the waiting, and all of the frustration. Band management is currently in the process of gathering the email addresses of these fans from forum administrators and we are proud to say the supporters will be getting very pleasent emails in the coming weeks. We ask that the negative folks, you know who you are, do not flood those very forums with ass kissing letters of apology. You're not getting the treatment our true supporters are getting because you simply do not deserve it. Axl Clause has been keeping a list, we know if you were naughty or nice.

And finally, to the big news, Chinese Democracy will be released as a double disk set. One disk will feature 13 tracks that we feel are all top 10 caliber songs that may have a big impact on the music industry. Our influences are broad, and this joint effort in producing the music could not have been a more pleasant experience. We indeed leaked a few of the tracks some of you have heard the past few weeks. It was our way of getting your opinion, opinions that were taken into consideration that are reflected in the final versions of those songs. The second disk will be full of demo's from the CD sessions, and will feature a few demos from our next concept album that promises to blow you away. Look for that in the summer of 2007 hot on the heels of what we expect to be a busy round of touring as hinted at above. We could drop that album now, but we feel Chinese Democracy is needed to reintroduce the monster that is GNR to the world. Once we take over, which isn't a matter of if, but when, we feel the concept music we have written will rival the impact that of 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd and other albums like that had on the music industry.

We hope the time and effort we have put into this project will more than be enough to allow many of your to forgive myself and the band for what seemed to be an eternity. You will know the whole story in due time. For now, however, rest well knowing that Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses is back, for good, and we will do our best to live up to your expectations.

Warmest regards,

W. Axl Rose

(That's my fantasy news update from the man).

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I don't want War and Peace. I want a straightforward to the point statement.

1. Address the fans.

2. Address the leaks

a) Where could they have come from?

b.) What are they, album material, stuff that was cut, rough demos, finished work?

3. Address the tour

a) Where are they playing

b.) Who is still in the band?

c) If there are any new members, who are they?

4. And finally... the album:

a.) When is it coming out?

b.) When is it coming out?

c.) When is it coming out

d.) How many discs is it/other details would be nice too.

blah, blah, blah...

Thanks for your support, Merck is a dickhead...

W. Axl Rose.

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I reckon it would be sweet if the official GnR website just had a banner put up which says "CHINESE DEMOCRACY STARTS:" and have a clock below it counting down to the release...

No real announcement or anything- just have a countdown appear.

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I reckon it would be sweet if the official GnR website just had a banner put up which says "CHINESE DEMOCRACY STARTS:" and have a clock below it counting down to the release...

No real announcement or anything- just have a countdown appear.

That's a stupid idea. :fuckyou:

No official statement. Just a image on-line that says "CHINESE DEMOCRACY STARS: NOW"

No. I'm sorry, but P.R./advertising is not your deal. Change your major.

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