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Motive Smartbridge?


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Reccently my PC has been telling me Motive Smartbridge isn't working properly. But I don't kno quite what this means, or how it affects the computer. It's something I've never come across.

I've tried google, but to no avail. Anyone here can help please?

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Ok, it seems like Motive Smartbridge is software your ISP uses for what they call 'customer support' - it pretty much tracks errors and stuff you encounter with your broadband, then relays the information back to your ISP so they can avoid giving customers similar errors in future.

Ok, going out on a limb and hoping you've got Windows XP.

Highvoltage's removal instructions for Motive Smartbridge:


2. Click the PROCESSES tab

3. Look for the process MotiveSB.exe - highlight it and click 'End Process'

4. Go to "My Computer"

5. Local Disc (C:) ----> Program Files

6. Look for a "BT Yahoo Internet" folder - or something along those lines.

7. Go into it and find the Smartbridge folder. If if it has an 'uninstall' utility, then use it -- if not, then just delete the whole folder.

Hope this works.... :unsure:

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