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Velvet Revolver to Open for GNR!!!

Appetite For Waiting

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An interview with a certain legendary large-hatted guitarist has sparked rumours that Velvet Revolver will open for Guns N' Roses at four dates this summer.

"It's really fuckin' great that we'll all have the chance to play together again. I mean, we have tried really fuckin' hard to make it out there on our own, but I mean, we just have to face it man, there just isn't really room for our nostalgic rock these days. I mean, listen to Axl's new fuckin' songs [some demos from the long-awaited Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy leaked last week]. They're fuckin' awesome! It's just like, well, like he decided the 80s are over and that you've just gotta move with the fuckin' times. We've done our best, but we've just come to the conclusion that we're nothing without Axl. We need him like piss needs a dick! I mean, nobody ripped the fuckin' piss outta us when Axl was our frontman. But now, with Scott and everything, well, the guy gets the pissed ripped outta him by even Jonathan fuckin' Ross at Live 8. I mean, fuck man! We used to rule the world. Now System of a fuckin' Down headline Download [the band played at the Download Festival in 2005] and we're left footin' the fuckin' bill. Axl shows his cornrowed head and he immediately gets the headline spot! Sometimes, I'm at the front of the stage, and I see Scott having some sort of a fuckin' retard attack, lookin' like some sort of a fuckin' gyratin' worm, and I just think: "man, why the fuck did I ever leave?" Fuck, man! Thank fuckin' God that Axl's coat-tails are there to be grabbed onto again!"


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