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Axl did interview on much music?


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Live from The Oscar Party AXL just did a TV interview!!!!!!

a good interview too...Lasted about 6 minutes...I got it from MuchMusic off the satellite dish...................The

interviewer was Keanu Reeves of all people (which was cool) apparently Keanu was there with whats her

name-that chick from Speed---so they did a guest interview thing where different celebs interview

eachother....example---they had kiera knightley interview matt dillon, etc etc.......anyway he asked axl

about slash, the new album, the leaks, the 06 tour,teh Lakers, etc....AXL did get kinda pissed for a second

when Keanu asked him if he regained his singing voice compared to the last tour--haha---now where the old

axl would have walked off or said something nasty this time he just smiled and said something about how on

the last tour he was experimenting with his vocal stlye trying to get back to how he sung in the early mid

80's...anyway kick ass stuff

Source: http://www.heretodaygonetohell.com/board/i...p?topic=27120.0

true or false?

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im from canada and its bullshit because muchmusic didnt have an oscar show tonight its false guys

yeah over on the other board the guy answered with this

DIRECT TV----SHERMAN OAKS CALIFORNIA-----Channel 809---some local canadian channel---they are currently airing a tom green (another canadian) interview with Morrisey......if it aint muchmusic then it must be affilated cuz the host of the show is called Kevin Upright and the girl is called Sarah Billings and she mentioned some shit bout Muchmusic KNOXR Manitoba and he mentioned melbourne The Rage and Recovery which is australia music channels... ?

is there a local candian channel like that? or more bullshit?.

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Next this guy's gonna come out and say "HERE IT IS! I FOUND THE INTERVIEW!!!!"

Nothing on the net about this, the HTGTH side can't seem to find anything either, why would someone tell a BS story like this, does he figure it will pass as fact? Attention? Man, kids today.

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