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GN'R coming to Finland, Sweden & Denmark!


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Finnish Radio-channel Radio City just reported that GN'R is coming to Finland 5.7 and the tickets will be available next monday (13.3.). Waiting for an official confirmation but I'm 95% sure it's accurate..

Now excuse me, But holy motherfuckingfuck!!!!! This is a dream come true..

EDIT: It's confirmed, with 2 other dates:

26.6 Stockholm, Globen

29.6 Roskilde, Roskildefestivalen

5.7 Helsingfors, Hartwall Areena

Tid för Sverigekonserten: Kl 19.30

Source: http://www.ema.se/index.jsp?left=artister/.../gunsnroses.htm

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I'm so exicited already! I informed my teachers alreadt that i won't be in school next monday because i am getting my tickets to concert of the best band that this band has ever got to know!

This is fucking amazing!

I still can't believe it's true.........

This was informed in the main media in Finland today.

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F'n spectacular!!

Me and three of my friends are already going, and I got a few more mates who'd do anything for those tickets.. too bad that they're in the army now and their discharge is July 6th... :rofl-lol:

Aah, it's good to be a conscientous objector/civilian-service man. :shades:

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