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Guns N' Roses vs. Motley Crue

Chrisi Rokks

Gn'R vs. Crue  

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Oh grow up the pair of you!!


Sorry man - I just don't think you'll get many positive responses comparing Crue songs to GN'R songs... I guess i've just never been able to take Motley Crue too seriously, that's all... especially after I saw them live this year and was really disappointed with the show they put on.

Anyway, back to your topic, I chose ISE, Brownstone and "No, they don't sound similar".

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I chose "It's So Easy" and "Dr. Feelgood". I don't think the songs are all that similar though. I kinda see how the riffs are alike, but the vibe is just so different. those 2 GNR songs are really punk-influenced and the two Crue songs are from their "commercial" period. i like those Crue songs, but I'm more of a "Too Fast For Love", "Shout At The Devil" person.

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I voted for "Girls, Girls, Girls" and "Mr. Brownstone." I like both of the Crue songs there and both Gn'R songs, although It's So Easy is probably one of my least favorite Gn'R songs. I like everything in that song to some degree except the "Turn around bitch I got a use for you. Besides you ain't got nothin' beter to do, and I'm bored," bit.

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Crue are a joke. :rofl-lol:

you wear crue tshirts and have their tour posters and yet you dont like em? theyre just a glam AC/DC anyway - all about booze and sex. which is great

they dont really sound the same though. crue are still fairly heavy and guns aint

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That was easy! GNR all the way, and the songs dont sound too familiar to me.


I agree. It feels pointless to compare anything between these two bands. Possible drinking and groupie stories... Gnr have better lyrics, music and a cooler attitude.

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