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Motley Crue Concert

Ace Spade

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I checked out the Carnival of sins tour Thursday night in Hamilton,On.Canada.The show was really fuckin' wild.They mostly played their hit songs and the guys all seemed to be making home videos of the show.The best parts of the show (for me at least) had to be Tommy's drum solo and "titty-cam".Tommy was hooked up to A harness flying all around the arena during his solo playing all kinds of drums over various tracks.The titty-cam was funny shit.Tommy would talk any chick he seen into showing her tits.One girl was real shy when he put the camera on her so he said "come on honey,this aint no Bon Jovi concert!" She then happily exposed herself for everyone! Another good part was when Nikki went backstage and pretended to take A piss in a garbage can.Tommy folowed him backstage with the titty-cam and said "Nikki are you pissing in that garbage can man!" Nikki then turned around dangeling A giant prosthetic penis. :rofl-lol: The songs were performed flawlessly and the show as A whole was fuckin' excellent.The band all seems to be having A blast on tour and geeting along great.(Which as we all know can be an issue with these guys) If the Crue tour comes near your town don't fuckin' miss them man,worth every penny!

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I was supposed to see them on april 7th, but the last availible ticket for me *fourth row center*

was sold to me and another guy (i guess we clicked at roughly the same time)

so, they gave me my money back cuz his name was closer to "A" in the alphabet.

isnt that a stupid way to decide!!!! grr :anger:

you may not believe it, but its true, the concert is in Prince George B.C. Canada

James S.

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yeah man i caught em at Wembley. he said the same thing to a bird there, except adding 'go on, I'll show you my dick' - i mean cmon tommy we've all seen that. the new live dvd captures it bloody well

I was at the same gig :)

ha cool. so was binge and slash. i was on the front row with the mrs.








oh and i caught this:


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