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Live Gigs - Tour - Old & New Material


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During 2002 GnR played some new GnR songs and alot of old material. Now that GnR have more new material, then it makes sense to drop some of the older songs from the set list, and while the new GnR will be performing as much new material as possible, i don't think they have enough new material to fill a whole set. Besides which, the fans still want to hear some of the old tracks. Taking into account the 2002 tour, what tracks should stay and what tracks should go?

Tracks to Stay:

Sweet Child O'mine


Welcome to the Jungle

Rocket Queen [one of my all time favourite GnR songs]

It's So Easy [so GnR gig is complete without this track]

Tracks to Go:

Patience [this song is so slow and kills live gigs :D ]

Knocking on Heavens Door [i really do not like this song]

November Rain [a good track but an epic track that is not as epic as the new material]

You Could be Mine [as much as i like this track, it is not so important]

Don't Cry [on record this track is No.1 on record - Live, it never sounds right]

Tracks to Add:

Estranged [i don't think the new GnR have performed this song]

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They should keep Jungle as opener, Paradise City as encore and NR somewhere there in the middle. From the UYI-covers they should keep Knockin' and Live and Let Die. Knocking because I wanna be singing "Knocking on heavens door" back to GN'R in Helsinki and Live and Let Die because it rocks :) Everything else new stuff :)

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your not going to get around november rain, wttj, and paradise city. they are the most widely known songs and people will want to hear them. i dont want to hear them anymore. id rather he pull out songs that the new band has not played live(who here wouldnt want to hear the new band on estranged?). i have a feeling that we will get a bunch of old songs with the songs from the 2002 tour and a couple of new ones(better, irs, maybe twat)

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