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I Sell 2 Ticks for RIR 4 (Day 27)


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Guest JohnUlmer
It's a gamble buying tix for something like this. There's probably a 50% chance Axl will show up at this thing.

It's also a gamble when someone named Violent Cop tells you he has the song This I Love and is willing to trade it for CITR, and you send him CITR and he never responds to you, and then you find him lurking on MyGNRForum and PM him again asking if he got the PM you sent him on IMDb, and he ignores you again. It's a real gamble trusting fuckhead losers who lie about the songs they have and then brush you off after you've given them something they asked for.

:fuckyou: People like you make me sick. If you don't have something quit lying about it. You told other people on IMDb you had it as well and you ignored all of them, too.

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Guest JohnUlmer
lay off, jerk. What I had was actually 'Locomotive.' It was titled 'This I Love' for some reason unknown to me.

Riiight. I'm the jerk? I gave you the song, asshole. And you weren't polite enough to even PM me back and say, "Hey, sorry, the song I had wasn't really This I Love."

But wait. You're obviously a pretty big GN'R fan if you know Axl has a tendency for not showing up to concerts. And you claim you didn't recognize Locomotive before claiming to everyone on IMDb that you had an unreleased track? Sure.

And then you ignored BOTH my PMs. Why would an innocent person who thought he had something else do that?

Simple -- you're a liar and didn't think you'd encounter any of us on this forum. Well, you were wrong.

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Guest JohnUlmer
Actually at the time, I really thought it was This I love. Unfortunately afterwards I realized it was just mistitled for some reason. I apoligize for not getting back to you.

I appreciate the apology. Thank you.

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So you want to sell tickets for 115.90 euros when anyone could buy them for 53 euros each in the RIR site?! :drevil:

i want to refund the money that i paid, because i ca´t to travel to lisbon (a fuckin´wedding in the last minute in my city)

2 Tickets = 106 € + bank & internet rates = 115.90 , it´s easy

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New offer 90 €; cheaper than the real price


Come on dude!!! For a difference of something like 20 euros who the fuck is buying it on ebay!??

I would not!!! I rather pay 20Euros more than buy it on ebay

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