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Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame


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I was just reading some of the topics posted over the weekend and it got me thinking. Do you suppose Axl will attend the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony tonight? It's at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC. He clearly has not been camera shy either in airports, The Soprano's premiere and no stranger to the club scene. What do guys and gals think?

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Here's where it begins... The rumors will start spreading and this thread will reach about 50 pages. There's so much hype and anticipation that Axl will show up.... until the actual time comes and there's no sign of him... and everyone's sitting 2 inches away from the TV awaiting Axls appearance. But, when the minutes go by, they start to worry that he won't show. The last 10 minutes of the show start to count down, everyone gets all pissed off, saying there won't be an appearance and eventually.... they're right. Everyone then realizes they just wasted a shitload of time by taking part in all the hype of a shitty rumor. Then another rumor begins and the process is repeated.

....That's just my guess anyway. :unsure:

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I think the Sex Pistols don't want in though.

I heard today the Sex Pistols compared being inducted to the Hall of Fame to a mixed drink of urine and wine.

I doubt Axl will be there, he'd have to be presenting someone(ie: Elton John a few years ago).

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