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A7X Live


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Well, just saw their gig at London Astoria this weekend, and all i can say is WOW.

The GnR influence is DEFINATELY there. M. Shadows seems to be very influnced by Axl in his stage moves and has an amazing voice live.

Their guitarist looks like a cross between Slash and WWE's 'the undertaker', and has some incredible skills, including playing one handed for a while with only pull-offs while his other arm was around the singers neck (his left arm was completely horizontal, the guitar vertical, using gravity to move one way along the neck, and throwing the guitar up an catching it to move the other way)

Stage setup was awesome, very 'Maiden'. They palyed a cover of Pantera's 'Walk' Which was just stunning. They also played a metallica song, and THE INTRO TO PARADISE CITY, which got the whole crowd - who were almost al 16 year olds, clapping along (god i felt old).

All in all, an amazing gig. Am seeing them at www.novarock.at this summer, where GnR are also playing, and really hope they support GnR, Maiden, Metallica or someone of similar ilk on tour, they would fit so well with any of them.

All in all, 5 stars!

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Who was supporting them?

didn't catch the first act. the main support was from someone called 'balls sonata' or something ike that. i didn't see it written down they just said their names. they were kinda like a poor mans skid ro gone a bit heavier.

bullets and octane?

i wanted to go... but too much work :no:

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Bullets and Octane ROCKED. I'm going to see them again next month. I have a feeling that band is going to blow up when the album is released. The guitarist is sooooooooooooo Slash, and the singer is a freakish cross between Weiland and Nikki Sixx,

But yeah, A7X rocked. Synester Gates is my lover :wub:

The bands were as follows:

Day of Contempt




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Has the singer been singing with some death metal vocals like the previous albums or does he sing the songs all clean now ? Waking the Fallen blows away City of Evil in my opinion. There was a perfect mix of death and clean vocals and the songs were better as well.

Those weren't death metal vocals. At all.

And he had problems with his vocal cords, so he can't scream anymore. It's all clean. Much nicer.

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Dude.. I have waking the fallen on my headphones as I type this.. I also have various "Death Metal" albums.. You need to research the genre "Death Metal" as you obviously do not know the difference between Death Metal and Screamo.

Yes I have over 200 death and black metal albums. His vocals are melodic death metal vocals like In Flames, Dark Tranquility and COB . One of my best friends owns Metal Haven which is the only all Black/Death/Gore/etc.... all metal store in Chicago. I have heard literally hundreds of death metal bands so I think your quite wrong. If anybody is in Chicago and want to visit the best all around Metal store in the midwest and possibly the country-- visit Metal Haven on Belmont and Broadway. Oh yeah, he has tons of power metal too but no hair metal. The phone number is 773 755 9202. He also ships worldwide

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I saw them over the summer at Warped Tour...I must say they were flawless. The Rev (their drummer) can hit the shit out of those things. I also saw them with Bullets and Octane (meh), Death By Stereo (shit), and Saosin (good). Again, they were flawless. City of Evil is easily better than Waking the Fallen...check out the flamenco solo at the end of Sidewinder rock3

BTW : The vocals weren't death metal at all, they may have sounded a touch black metally, but death metal? I think not.

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Guest cherry_bomb

i saw them thursday at the astoria....FUUUUUCK!! theyre just amazing. flawless. shadows voice was superb, the rev looks SO effortless and he's so goddamn talented!! when zacky and syn do the double guitar solo, wow. they just have everything perfected.

at the end they said "see you in june at download" :laugh: so thats pretty official for ya!!

damn i love them!

Shadows said he was also sick of the screaming the verse then singing the chorus... A7X have changed for the better... COE style suits them SO much better!

I went and saw them live last night and I was fucking amazed at how tight they are live... blew me away FUCK YEAH!!!!

dude, we were at the same show!! rock3 how awesome were they?! we might have crossed paths u know!!

oh and m shadows is the best lookin guy ive ever seen in the flesh

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