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Funny Sweet Child cover

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That was pathetic. The rythm guitarist was terrible, he seemed so uncomfortable up there. The drummer sucked, he kept speeding up and slowing down. The bassist was ok. The "lead" guitarist was horrible. He was playing like he just learned how to do vibrato 5 minutes prior to that abomination that they call a GNR cover. The singer was just as bad too. The whole time, he was facing the "lead" guitarist. It's like, what are you doing guy? Are you singing to song to your guitarist? LOL

I also like Strat that they have in the background. Good rule of thumb: Don't buy a second guitar until you learn how to play the first one.

That second video made me want to throw up. I think they should make it mandatory that all beginners buy a tuner with their first guitar. Playing the right frets doesn't necessarily mean you're playing the right notes.

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that second one is horrible. the third one i didnt watch coz i seen it before and i hate it. the first one though lol

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